Keeping the Square Dance Community Involved
Volume XIV n Issue 46

Friday 11/14/14 - Thursday 11/20/14

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Submitted By Courtney:



I just wanted to let you know that Steve just received a really big honor at work on Tuesday!  I'm just as proud as I can be of him, and I knew he wouldn't call to toot his own horn! 

 Because of the work he did on a particular case,  Steve was selected as the top agent intheCountryfor the work that he did on it!  This is not an exaggeration!

 His case is considered the most successful and the most reflective of ideal Secret Service work for the whole year!   

 He has been working for months and months on it, and not only did he get an indictment, but he also recovered millions of dollars for the fraud victims.   He's still actively pursuing more intercontinental bank accounts, and the recovery amount could grow even larger!

  And you know what?  After he got the email that he won--he went and played ball with Callyn in the hallway and then made our Tuesday Turkey Tacos!  What a man!

 Callyn is working on potty training (she's doing great with #2, but still doesn't tell me every time for #1--so we're wearing pull-ups when we go out.  She starts her swimming lessons next week--and she's very excited about it. 

 I hope everything is going O.K. up there!  We do plan to be with you all for Thanksgiving, so count us in for that! 




We're going to try to get over and see Robin and the baby when Callyn and I go up to Richmond in a couple of weeks.  Robin said she'll be back to work by then, so we're going to try for Saturday or Sunday before we leave.  I hope it works out!